Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy New Year!

New books, backpacks, paper, pencils, lunch boxes, clothes for some....the list is endless of things that help us start the new school year. It's an exciting time....

I'm never really ready for this time of year to come's hard to give up the carefree days of summer. But once I resign myself to the idea, I get just a little bit giddy. 

In January I pull out my calendar, set some diet and fitness goals, maybe new financial priorities, but it's just so easy to fall back into the same old's just so hard to make those changes in January..when all you really want to do is curl up in the warmth and read a good book.

Enter August. 

It's a new school year...... anticipation of all things different  Whether it's a new menu plan, a new grade in school, a new book, or just not the same old thing as before...routines really change and it is a new beginning.

(I bought this planner at the Dollar General store - $3.00 and it is working perfectly for me!)

As a seventh grade social studies's new students, new ideas, things I want to change that I didn't do well last year, better time management, more exciting lessons that really engage my students, all important goals and I get one shot at it.  It's really hard to change those things in the middle of the year with 100 seventh graders. It can be done, but it's so much easier to get it right in August.

For all of the homeschooling moms out there...I don't know how you do it.
 I'm a fan.

Oh and the biggest challenge of all for me......

How can I get all those papers graded on time and back to these students for meaningful feedback?

As a homemaker,  I want to continue working on the three realms that have always challenged me...a new routine with laundry, dishes, and menus.  I've tried really hard this summer to work on these areas and I hope I can keep it up.
Time marches on and I go back to work on Monday with students returning to class on Wednesday.

Today and tomorrow I'll be back to school shopping with Ben.  He's grown so much this year that I'll have to send him in a potato sack if we don't get some new pants. 30 X 34 jeans are nearly impossible to find!  We have all the papers to fill out to get him ready for his Junior year and he has to pick up his new schedule. I just can't believe my youngest child is so close to graduating from high school.

Lots to do...I won't get it all done...I never do, but that's okay.

I love new beginnings......

Happy New Year!

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