Friday, July 29, 2011


       Dinner was a success tonight.  I have a terrible habit of not writing down recipes I come up with and we miss out on repeat performances. The pictures aren't great and I didn't think about taking them until it was almost together.  Definitely an area of blogging that I need to work on.

The Menu:
                   Spinach Quiche, Fresh cucumbers and banana peppers, and watermelon for dessert.

The Recipe:
              1 Pkg thawed, rinsed and drained box of frozen spinach.
              Around ten or so grape tomatoes sliced
              1/4 vidalia onion, chopped
              two cloves of garlic
              one cup of chopped ham (I used Kentucky Legend ham that you can get presliced and used about five slices diced up) 

All of this went into the skillet with two tablespoons of butter. I cooked this until the tomatoes and onions were heated. (about ten minutes because I got distracted getting the rest of dinner together)

Once it was hot I put the mixture into a shallow baking dish and sprinkled just a little feta cheese and about 1/4 cup shredded cheddar cheese.

In a mixing bowl, I wisked together five eggs and one cup of milk and poured it over the baking dish.

45 minutes at 350 fahrenheit

Dinner is served.

The men added hot sauce to theirs...but I just used a dash of pepper.

FIfteen minutes or so later...this is what was left......SUCCESS!

This was a great way to use the little bits of things left in my refrigerator. I was late getting this started tonight so we didn't want a really heavy meal, but here are ways that could make it better next time.....
  • Serve it with a small loaf of french bread
  • Slice some tomato to go with it ( I didn't have any)
  • Maybe some ice tea instead of just water since that was all I had
  • Any other ideas?  I'd love to hear them

And just for fun....this is me holding this baking dish twenty-three years ago this month at my wedding shower! 

Love the big hair!!!

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