Sunday, July 24, 2011


The cicadas were going strong this morning. That's always a sign to me that leisurely days are soon to end. A change of travel plans left us at home today and I had nothing planned to do. Yard work called to the men and when Ben needed a new roll of string for the weed eater,I stumbled upon my project for the day...clean out the storage room behind the garage. Here's what it looked like..

This happens every year in late fall when we are rushing before a big storm to get everything under cover. I didn't get to clean it out last summer so a big clean out has been on my to do list for over a year.

We live in an old house and tasks like this really cause me to reflect. The shed didn't just need to be cleaned... it needed to be emptied. It contained years of parts and pieces from years gone by. After I pulled all of the stuff that we added, I started cleaning out from the previous owners. They built this house in 1938 and were the only owners until they passed away and we were lucky enough to be the next residents. It is so clear that they cherished everything they had. Everything is purposefully planned here. Nothing is wasted. So as I worked to clear the dozens of nails holding everything imaginable, I ran across this nail with wires of all sizes. 

I could just see the former owner working on his projects, finding a solution to problems and having just the right piece of scrap wire, wood, or homemade device to fix it.

It seems to me that in our hectic, disposable world we don't really take time to fix things, we just replace them. 

 I love finding the old things around this house that remind me of another time.  A ladder...made just the right size for a specific purpose...or a box re-purposed to hold the fabric awnings we put up every summer...

 Almost empty...

Ninety-five degrees, what feels like one hundred percent humidity and here's what I have to go through before supper...ahhh!

 A lot of things didn't make it back in...the water floaties and toys our children have outgrown, 10 basketballs that will find a new purpose in my classroom for recess time, many pieces of scrap wood that I'll never use, and lots of things I don't even know what they were....
but some things I kept just because they were interesting.

It was a long hot day but here's what the shed looks like now:

A place for almost everything. A big task accomplished......

A trip down memory lane of a slower time, of children's games outgrown, of hopes for nieces and nephews and someday grandchildren to share in these things. 

It also renewed my specific intention to slow down and live life just a little more purposefully.

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  1. The shed looks lovely! Thank you for that very sweet comment on my blog. Good luck with your blog!