Friday, August 12, 2011

Childhood Reading

Each summer when school let out, we would load into the station wagon every two weeks to make a trip to the library.  The book check out limit was six books for two weeks.  During the summer, we always checked out the maximum!  If we all finished them early, Mom would take us back to check out more.

One of my favorite books that I found one summer was "Strawberry Girl" by Lois Lenski.

I read every book our library had by Lois Lenski that summer. Her books took me to places all over the United States in her Round About America series long before Internet or cable tv. When my girls were old enough I wanted them to enjoy them too. The problem was...our library had only one.

I started looking on eBay and found quite a few. Now the collectors have stepped in and the prices have skyrocketed.  You can still find some of them and a lot of library sales have these books. I'm so glad I was able to find these.....

( Sorry about the sideways picture....still learning how to blog!)

I don't collect much....but I know if I had to pack up and move someplace smaller, I'd find space for these wonderful books.

The books we read as youngsters have such a huge impact on us. If you like the Little House on the Prairie series....these are worth a look!

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