Sunday, August 21, 2011

A Very Full Week

This week was BUSY!  Here are just a few pictures from my day on Thursday:

Shriner's Circus came to our school. 

I love this event. 

3200 children from all over our district watching!

 Lions, and Tigers and Bears...oh my. ...
This year the tigers performed outside (much better than inside...that made me nervous)

Most of the children in our district would never get to attend a circus without the Shriners.  They do a great job with the animals, the performance,and reaching out to our students.
Pure fun!

After school, John and I walked across the street to a block party at Union College.

The students are arriving back and our sleepy little town is hopping. 

You can certainly tell that the students are back!
It was a great evening.

I thought that this was especially funny to have a "wanted" picture of the Judge! 

I did mark a few big things off of my TO DO list this week even though the house hasn't been vacuumed or dusted, the garden hasn't been weeded, no fall plants were planted and the lawn still needs to be mowed......

It seems like when you work on the big tasks (or having fun), the maintenance falls by the wayside.

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