Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Big Happenings

Yesterday was a big day....after months of giant branches dropping out of our tree (on cars & roofs), the tree trimmers arrived yesterday. 
They worked on the two giant oak trees located withing thirty feet of our home.  
It was a delicate job and VERY expensive. For a while, it looked like rain would keep it from happening, but the rain held off and they were able to get started.

They were absolutely fantastic and so careful and conscientious.

In the morning of the first day.....

The arborist would swing from the branches while three on the ground worked to guide the branches gently to the ground. (I took this through the upstairs window)

Some branches were huge! Can you see them straining to keep if from hitting the garage?

Cutting it up....we now have a good supply of firewood.
And here's what it looked like last night....

Thinned out...but not topped...

Then this morning they worked on the other tree....before:
Wind can flow through them more safely now and we will have a priceless canopy as they fill out in the spring.  
The pictures don't do justice to the size of this project...and some of them are a little blurry....but if feels so good to have this looming, major project finished. 

Now I can paint the railing over the back porch this weekend.

And......I won't have as many leaves to deal with in the next few months!

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