Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Garden Plans

Here's the beginning.....
of a plan for our future garden. 

 I spent a little time on the screen porch last week developing a plan to incorporate some existing features of our yard and current garden into a beautiful and functioning homestead.

 See the sketch from Ginny at Small Things
I'm so thankful when people share what they have learned and designed with others.
Her garden is BEAUTIFUL!

 I have serious garden envy and have high hopes for designing and planning a garden that can provide fresh vegetables for most of the year.

A chicken coop is also on my wish list....along with a raised barrel system to collect rainwater for drought times, cold frames, and a compost system that involves more than just a pile in the back of the yard!

Plans can be inspiring and sometimes overwhelming if they are too hard to implement.  I want the plan to be something I can add to and change over time. I'd like for it to be a peaceful place with just as much emphasis on beauty as practicality.

 It's important for me to not get overwhelmed as I take on too many tasks. I know new projects require time....something that is often in short supply!

Of course, all of these dreams aren't going to happen overnight, but it's good to have a plan....

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