Friday, September 16, 2011

The Gift of Time

In the past, I wanted immediate results.  I was rather outspoken and often said things in reaction without taking time to reflect. Many unpleasant things can happen if I don't use time wisely.  So many hurt feelings come about when I don't take time. Through the years, I have learned such a valuable lesson on accepting how to use time to help me get through life.  I've learned to be more patient....more tolerant...more calm. 

It's not always that way...
I have complete over-reactions and hysterical responses ( anyone who knows me will attest to this)
...but not nearly as often.

Recent difficult events in my life have prompted me to ponder how to use this gift.

 On my best days....I use...

 Time to unpleasant things, to change, to unexpected events....

Time to Prepare...for challenges ahead

Time to Forgive... to mend broken relationships, to build stronger ones

Time to Learn...from others, about others, about myself

 Time to Mourn.....for those I love
Time to Heal ....through the Grace of God

Time to Reflect....on this wonderful life

Time to the Lord and all that comes from Him.

Time is one of the most wonderful gifts I have been given on this Earth.
Learning to appreciate it and benefit from it is another.

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