Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ladies Night

It's not what you's this....The wonderful ladies on my street rallied around me three years ago when John was deployed to Iraq.  They knew I'd need some adult conversation and support while he was gone.

Once a month we meet with whatever leftovers, dips or sweets we can scrounge up around our houses and spend two or three hours together.  

The rules one can work too hard to host it and every month we move to the next house in clockwise directions...if you can't host it your doesn't matter, we will just get together whenever it works out.  A lot of times, it will be when our company leaves, the house is still relatively clean, and we have lots of leftovers.
Spontaneity is encouraged!

The idea to start was that if it was too hard, we would stop doing it.  Paper plates and napkins are not a bad thing.  It's worked out well. Three and a half years later we're still going strong. 

There have been dry spells with everyone being too busy...but Ladies Night is part of our street culture now and I just love it.  We gather to catch up on family, health and friends. Some ladies have moved in and some out...but that just adds to the excitement. 

(we let Ben in for a minute to help us with technology and picture viewing)

In the past month we've celebrated two birthdays....we don't always celebrate birthdays...but these were special:)
It has been really neat through the years to be a part of this group. We have young mothers, middle age mothers (like me), grandmothers, and widows. 

What we have in common varies, but we have built our community...

I'm so glad to be a part of this history.

When it gets into the autumn months, Evelyn usually makes chili.....YUM!.....I can't wait!

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