Monday, September 26, 2011

Sometimes....I just get tired.....

This post is written in the interest of keeping this blog real.

Friday was great.....Saturday was great....the weekend was absolutely fantastic....then I hit the wall Sunday morning.

Little aches, pains, and worries caught up with me and I just didn't feel like being nice to anyone.  Has that ever happened to you? The whole time it's happening, I'm thinking....Is this really me?  Am I really this grouchy? Why am I not thankful today? It takes so much effort to be nice, which in turn just makes me even more irritable and grumpy. What I usually do out of love and caring becomes such a heavy burden that I think I'm going to explode. Most of the time, I can shake these gloomy feelings off by cleaning house like a madwoman, but not this just made me more unpleasant to be around.

I still have the cloud hanging over me today, so I'm going to complain and get it all out of my system so I can move on and practice my gratitude for the blessings that have been so plentiful in my life. When you're feeling sorry for yourself, it's impossible to be thankful.  I am ready to move on and quit focusing on the "me" and focus on "others". 

So here goes:

Sometimes I just get tired of.......

Doing laundry
          It never ends, and no matter what I seem to be wearing that day, it needs to be ironed or only half of it is clean.

Planning the menu
         Three times a day, everyday, with someone either not liking what I made or being so noncommital that it hurts my overly sensitive feelings.

Picking up
          From towels, to newspapers, to leaves that blow in the back door, socks on the floor, dust in the hall, things left in the cars, shoes to stumble over at the back door, pans that fall out of the unorganized pot cabinet, and the list could go on and on.....I beat myself up over this too. I think, "Have I not trained these people better than this?  Is this my job? How many times do I have to ask?  Am I the only one who sees these things?"  It's amazing how three people can walk over something and I'm the one who gets to pick it up. I'm just saying...the drudgery can get a bit overwhelming sometimes.

          The drain in the bathtub clogging up every few weeks. I love this old house,but sometimes I just get tired of fixing the same things over and over.
          The dryer vent needs to be cleaned. When am I ever going to fit that in? Hopefully before the house burns down!
          Paperwork...forms for school, healthcare hoops to jump through, insurance papers to update, just to mention a few.
          Mending....this never gets done.  I actually like the mending part of things. I just never can find the time to fit it in and that in itself frustrates me beyond belief.

Okay, so now here's the solution....gratitude. I knew this all along....and I'm still feeling a bit grumpy....but it's beginning to lighten just a bit...and the more I remind myself of how blessed my life is, the better I feel.

I am THANKFUL for....

Laundry....clothes to wear, a washing machine and dryer to use, and a thankful family when they find out that just the right sweatshirt is clean, hanging on the line and ready to wear to school, or a shirt that is already pressed for work.

Menu Planning....the abundance to plan ahead, enough food to eat, enough to share with others

Picking Up....people to surround me with activity,to enjoy and love, and yes, pick up after them if it makes their day just a little bit easier.

Maintenance...this means I have a place to live, a school for my child to attend, healthcare for illnesses, and enough clothing to wear until the mending gets finished.

Sometimes it's just hard...and I get tired....I try to put a positive spin on everything most of the Pollyanna and "The Glad Game".  This makes life so much easier to be thankful and pleasant...but sometimes life just wears me down and I just have to go through a grumpy few days to remember to count my blessings.

And one really big, final thing to be thankful for....a family who loves me and patiently waits for this mood to pass.

I feel better already :)

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