Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Country Mouse

I had a really good weekend.  I took the day off Friday to rest and recuperate from a very hard week.  There was a lot to do around the house, however....I didn't do any of it.  I rested.  That is what I really needed.  After everyone left for the day, I relaxed on the couch.  After a while, I got up, worked a little, and the took an afternoon nap.  I never nap but it was great.  The day was exactly what the "doctor" ordered. 

Saturday, I followed it up by getting up and on the road to Lexington by 6:00 AM.  Yes, not just up...but ON THE 6 AM.  John had National Guard so we went along for the weekend and spent it with Emily at her apartment.  Sarah held down the fort and was amazing (She cleaned, did laundry for me, and studied all weekend)!  I came home to piles of folded, ready to put away laundry...fantastic!

I had a long list of things to accomplish in the "city". We live in a small town and selections are often just not available.  Ben needed clothes...he's still growing and we put off buying pants until the weather has gotten cold enough that I can't send him to school in shorts every day. We got an early start on the stores Saturday morning and were finished in record time (boys are much easier than girls).  I did some "stocking up" shopping of all the things I can't find at home. We had a nice dinner together with John and then I went out with Emily for some "mom and daughter time".  I rarely get that with her and enjoyed every minute.

We returned home after John finished up on Sunday, took a walk in the beautiful fall air and just relaxed until it was time to get ready for the week.  It was just a really nice weekend.

Here are some things that I learned from our shopping trip to Lexington:

1. Boys usually know what they want and will choose not to buy something rather than try it on.

2. I have conquered my desire to purchase things....of all the shopping and stocking up that I did (I only go about once every three months), I came home with one item just for me.....a new Rubbermaid mop. I know...I'm just so exciting.  I love it.  Hopefully the floors will be a little cleaner now....but I wouldn't count on it....there's nothing wrong with hoping though.

 3.  Sam's Club no longer has power over me....I can go in and out and only buy what is on my list. I only bought what I could not buy locally.  I like that.

4. The store I went to in Lexington didn't stock the same amount of baking products as our little stores do.  An example was a huge grocery store had less flour on their shelf than the smallest of our stores at home.  I thought that was so interesting.  Less flour and more people.  What does that mean?  Was it just that store...the market....or is the economy so much better in that area that people spend more income on prepared food...the questions are endless and I'd like not to speculate, but find it hard.....

5. I am really out of touch with what is truly available to consumers out's the one picture I took this weekend ....and you'll never guess what this gigantic selection is.....

DUCT TAPE!  I was in awe.  I felt like the country mouse in the city.....who knew?!  I told John about it, showed him the picture, and he just said, "How else are you going to be able to repair that zebra print duct if it got a hole in it?  You just wouldn't be able to."  I laughed hysterically :)  My children asked me last night when I showed this to them, "Haven't you seen the duct tape fashion shows Mom?   I guess not.

I am always so glad to get home.  I'm not used to all those people, all that merchandise, all those choices, all the time driving from place to place, all the cars and traffic, all the decisions.  It exhausts me.  I'm sure if I lived there all the time, it wouldn't bother me and might even energize me. I have lived in New York City and know the value of city living.  Its just that I'm not as comfortable with it now as when I was younger. An interesting thing to add here is that when John wanted to move back to his hometown, I was so hesitant....I had never lived anyplace so "small" before, but it has worked out just fine.

I know that having to substitute an ingredient in a recipe, or just not making one because you can't get the ingredients unless you order them, really isn't so bad. 

So....I'll just be the country mouse who every now and then has an enjoyable visit with the city mouse....

It works for me :)

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