Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Summer Is Over

Remember this box?

It's the one from the shed I cleaned out back in July.  It holds green fabric awnings that we put up in the summer and take down in the fall.  When the weather warms up at the end of May, we work together to hang the awnings.  We live on a fairly busy street and they provide a lot of privacy. 

We spend most of our time on the screened porch during the summer. It adds a whole room to our house during warm months.   
This year I had big plans to recover the cushions, paint and  re-purpose some of the furniture around the house to make it a real outdoor room. 
Unfortunately, around August, I realized it wasn't going to happen this year and put my energy into other projects.....maybe next year.
Mid-October, depending on the weather, they have to come down. 
They have to be dry for at least three days before we pack them away for another season.
Tuesday was the day. 
Rain was coming and it was just too chilly to be enjoyable out there any more. 

It's a big job.
Our next door neighbor paid us a visit while we took them down and expressed her dismay that we were officially declaring summer over. 
That's the way it feels. 
Awnings down....Summer over.

The neat thing about these awnings is that they came with the house.  It's just one more thing to appreciate about this amazing old house.  We have them for the upstairs windows too. It is just "old fashioned know how" at its best. They cool the house immensely during the summer.
We take them down for the house to soak up the heat of the sun during the winter.

It was too dark to take a picture when we finished, so here is what it looks like today.

This weekend after the storms blow through, we'll be raking leaves for the garden.

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