Monday, November 28, 2011

Busy Days

It's been a busy few weeks and I have so many things to write about, but for today...I'll update with pictures.

Big news....I PASSED!  I found out last weekend that I am now a National Board Certified Teacher!  What a relief!  This was one of those things I took on last year and wish I hadn't.  It was so hard and time consuming.  I'm glad it's over. John brought flowers to me :)

Ben is back on the swim team.  He stopped swimming several years ago to focus on scouting and karate.  The coach finally talked him into coming back.  I'm a swim mom again!  I love this activity and have been so happy that we encouraged our children to do this.  They are all good swimmers (which is truly a skill to carry through life).  Emily and Sarah are lifeguards.  I hope Ben gets his certification now too.

None of my siblings could make it in for Thanksgiving, but we still enjoyed a quiet dinner at my Mom and Dad's house. The lighting isn't great in these...but I'll share them editing is definitely something for me to learn soon.

Dad and Mom

Me and John

Ben, Emily, and Sarah

The meal was amazing....and the company just as good.  
I think we may have all had a little too much to eat :) (especially Emily)
I love this picture... (Sarah looked just like the other two until she saw the camera in my hand.)
  I think they enjoyed the meal!

Wiley enjoyed a little turkey too!

Cutting and stacking firewood the next day.

Broccoli growing in the garden....maybe we'll eat it for Christmas if it doesn't freeze too hard.

And Thanksgiving dinner leftovers....
I sauteed an onion, some chipotle pepper, sausage and rice dressing with salsa, threw in a little leftover chopped turkey and served it with melted cheese over chips.  YUM!!! Better than eating out.

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