Monday, November 7, 2011

Busy Week

This past week has been so full of activity.  I have really tried to just live in each moment.  I'm working on letting go of the stress of everything that still needs to get done around the house.  I'm looking for a new rhythm and think I'm on my way to finding it.

I've tried to take more pictures, but haven't been very consistent.  I need to learn more about taking pictures with my phone because it is just so convenient.  I also haven't spent much time learning to use photo editing software...that's just another item on my "things I'd like to learn" list. I could also add to that list not moving my phone too quickly after I've taken a picture! 

Here's a picture of Ben before a Halloween party last Friday night.   Unique, easy, and comfortable....I loved his costume choice!

Before John left for active duty on Sunday, Ben tried to give him a tutorial on "hashtags on Twitter".  I love this picture.  It is such an example of the generational differences in how we deal with technology. 

(not sure if I got that right...I"m still not on "The Twitter" as Betty White would say).
John loves technology,and so do I, but not quite as much. A lot of days I could just live without it. I think limits are incredibly important when dealing with it. Sometimes it seems the whole idea of Clouds, Twitters, Facebooks, etc. just are too big to wrap your head around. Neither one of us is on Facebook.  We made that decision two years ago and I have not felt left out enough yet to sign up.  Sometimes I'm the last to find things out, but I don't mind the trade off. 

Tuesday was the busiest day of the week with a dog appointment, college admissions fair, eye appointment, and evening Mass.
Wednesday morning dawned and was amazing.  I was at work extra early to meet a student teacher and was treated to this incredible site outside my classroom window......

It has been a reminder to me all week to look for the beauty everywhere.

We celebrated my mother's birthday Wednesday night and I realized as we left the restaurant that I hadn't taken any pictures....I'm going to have to do better on that front. My parents moved closer to us three years ago.  After living away from them for over twenty years, it has been a wonderful time together.  I am cherishing every moment.

The week closed out with afternoon tea with my neighbor and friend.  I chose to ignore all of the things needing my attention at home and we spent several hours just having "girl time".  I believe it is so important for women (and men) to establish a network of friends.  Afterward, we took a walk down the street to the college for some fall pictures.
This is one of my favorite trees in our whole town, but it wasn't quite at peak that day. 
Ginkgo trees are absolutely amazing in the fall!

John came home for the weekend before heading back to Fort Knox on Sunday afternoon.  Too late, we realized that if I had joined him at Fort Knox, we could have had a get away weekend. 
 As it was, we enjoyed our new rhythm and got two projects we've been planning underway. That will be another post (I've tried to remember to take pictures).

All in is so good. Even when days are difficult or frustrating with a variety of challenges, I have to remind myself of all the good.
I could spend every minute of every day being thankful and it still wouldn't be enough for all the blessings in my life.

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