Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Day at Home

Early this morning I got up and ready for bus duty.  It's one day a week, and I really don't mind.  I like the time with other teachers and greeting the students as they come off of the buses.  Today was different.  As I was getting my last few things together to walk out the door Sarah asked me why I was up and stirring around.  "You don't have school.  It's all over Facebook." 

I don't have Facebook, and I had checked the river level anticipating it might be high, but I didn't check the school web page or I would have known that it was cancelled.  At least I didn't go to school and then find out....

I have done that before ;-)

I've enjoyed the day at home.  I ran some errands and while I was out snapped this picture of the back way into town.  Unless you drove on the overpass...you couldn't get in or out.  Once the river crests, it goes down quickly, but the back water can linger.  I didn't get over to the bridge to take any photos..but I'll try to remember next time it floods. 

Flooding is a way of life in our county.  School regularly cancels for running water that covers the mountain roads and back water that sometimes takes days to allow access to many who live behind it.  Snow is also crippling for us.  For the past three years, school has been cancelled at least twenty to twenty-five days during the winter and flooding months. 

Since I live in town, I can generally go just about anywhere I need to go and today was the day to get caught up on some things like car maintenance and stocking up the freezer from our local meat market. After holiday weekends, I'm never quite ready to get back to work and this day was just the thing I needed.

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