Saturday, February 25, 2012

Just getting started.....

The Lenten Rose that hides in the back of our yard.....blooming right on time.

The fasting part of my lenten preparations is the 40 bag challenge. I started a few days early knowing that during the work week, time wouldn't always allow a bag a day.  
Monday and Tuesday I was off for snow and jumped into the linen closets and bathroom's the result:
(No before pictures.....that could be horribly embarrassing!)
We have four bedrooms and each of the baskets holds one extra set of sheets for each room.

Everyone had to be somewhere early this morning, so it was the perfect day for me to start on my closet. I turned on my Kindle Fire and started one of the many documentaries I never seem to have time to watch.  It probably slowed me down a little....but I've enjoyed it.

The first pass through my closet and drawers was fast.  I pulled anything worn, unmended, stained, or just plain ugly and out of style.  That filled three bags....the good news is that I'm finally out of the eighties!

The next pass through was harder....I really didn't want to part with some things...but as I looked at total volume...I knew I needed to fill two more bags.  A few heart wrenching decisions later and I did it!

I'm on a roll.  While I was eating lunch....I tackled an odd little kitchen cabinet that seems to have a lot in it that I never use.....guess more bag!

Now I'm back to the closet....I'm hoping to pull one more bag out of what I have left.  I feel liberated!!!  The decisions are easier now....

I know as I get to the end that every decision will be harder and 40 bags seems like an extremely large number! 
I'll worry about that when I get there....for now...back to work!!!

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