Saturday, March 31, 2012

Saturday Garden Update

It was a hectic week for me, and little happened on the vegetable garden front. 
My table full of seeds sits exactly as it did last week.

I did manage to get some of my seed pots made.  A good friend gave me this "Pot Maker" years ago, an this is my first year to try it.   I've never had the nerve (or time)  to start my own seeds before so this year is a learning process for me.

 The flowers around the yard however are in full bloom.  This azalea is one of three planted between my neighbor and I.  I lost one by the back door this past year and have no idea why.  This color is just so amazingly vibrant!

The lilacs are in full bloom outside....

and inside!

As pretty as they look, they smell even better.

It's spring break for me this week and I'm five bags away from my goal of 40 bags in 40 days. 
 I'll push forward with that and then turn my attention toward the waiting garden....
I'm looking forward to a busy week here at home.

Linking up with Ginny at Small Things for the Saturday Garden Update.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

March Daybook

FOR TODAY   (Simplewomansdaybook)
(I wrote this Saturday...just now getting it posted)

Outside my window...
Rain, then sun, then rain, then sun.....

I am thinking....
That my list of things to do is getting too long....

I am thankful...
For Saturdays at home.

In the kitchen
I've hit a dry spell....I've been trying to be healthier (eating more veggies!), but have lacked inspiration this week. I'll have to spend some time with the cookbooks.

I am wearing...
A long sleeve college t-shirt and comfortable pants.

I am creating...
Garden/landscaping plans and there are big plans brewing for the side porch make-over.  I'm gathering ideas and thrifting materials.
I am going...
To walk with John down to the grocery store for milk and eggs and to drop a letter in the post office box.  I'm waiting for the next break in the clouds. Later tonight, we'll walk down the street in the other direction to the college theater to view their spring production "The Lion in the Winter".

I am wondering...
This week, the new simple living group sponsored by the county extension office will meet for the first time.  It will be interesting to see how it goes...

I am reading...
Last night I started reading "The Wisdom of Father Anthony" by G.K. Chesterson.  I've never read anything by him and have been wanting to do so for some time. All I have to do now is stay awake at night long enough to do it!
I am hoping
To get my seeds planted in these neat little pots I made the other day.

I am looking forward to...
 An early birthday dinner with Emily and Bryce tomorrow afternoon and Spring Break! And only five weeks left of school after that.  I can't wait for the lazy days of summer!

I am learning...
About how much I don't know about plants, etc.... It's hard to plan a landscape when you have to acquire a lot of knowledge first.
Around the house...
Still working on the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge.  I'm behind.  I'm hoping to make great strides over spring break.
One of my favorite things...
A cup of hot tea on a chilly (not cold) afternoon. I've tried a new blueberry flavor that is fantastic both hot and cold.
A few plans for the rest of the week:
The big priority this week is working on scholarship applications with Ben.  The ones he is applying for open next week and it's a rolling time to waste even though he has another year of high school!
College course planning for the summer with Sarah and helping Emily look for a job also will get some attention this week.

A peek into my day...
Up early (5:30) to see Ben and Sarah off for daily activities, paying bills and tracking our spending for the monthly budget, a long walk with John, lunch and a visit with my parents, a delicious cup of chocolate raspberry coffee that I bought with my dad in mind, laundry throughout the day, a little computer time :-)  still to come....vacuuming, dinner, play at the college and off to bed.

Here's a great little coffee table that I thrifted for the side porch covered with my overly ambitious seed order. I will consider it a successful summer if I can follow through with both of these things before August.

Flowers are blooming everywhere....spring is truly here!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Garden Update

This update was supposed to happen on Saturday to link up with Ginny at Small Things. So I'm a little late.....

Last week I finally ordered my seeds.

Today it was 83 degrees Fahrenheit!  Tulips are blooming by the door.

The garden waits to be weeded.  Design has to be considered as it now gets much more sun than last year.  I'm very glad since I noticed last year's yields were smaller as the trees shading the garden grew taller.
Just removing the one pine tree has made a huge difference.  Each day I am noting the best places to position the plants in the new light.

The white Lenten Rose is in full bloom.  I thought I had lost it last year, but it came back strong this year. Now it has created a beautiful ground cover next to the pink along the fence.

Around the yard the lilac bushes are covered with leaves.  I hope they don't bloom right before a big frost.  That happened last year, and I really missed their fragrant show.

After last week's tree demolition, I'm going slow this week to develop a long term plan for our yard.  I'm re-reading "The Backyard Homestead" edited by Carleen Madigan (available on Amazon), and another great old book from 1978 "Living on a Few Acres"  from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (I got mine on ebay several years ago).  This great old book is over four hundred pages of valuable information. 

I have a vision of what I'd like our "homestead" to be and don't want plant anything that will have to be moved later. John and I will map out the yard this week to develop a master plan. 

This week I have to mow the yard (storms interrupted me last week), start preparing the beds, and plant the one raised bed that is ready to go.

That's it for this week.

Monday, March 12, 2012


It's been a busy few weeks.  I'll try to recap without dragging on too much....

Wiley has found a new sun spot...I moved the rug just for him.

Time has been flying by with college scholarship applications starting early for Ben, Sarah wrapping up her junior year, and Emily graduating from the university in May. 
Big changes and shifts in who lives where coming up! 

We've weathered the many storms that have surrounded us without damage.  For that, I am very thankful.

Spring is here and that means gardening and opening up the side porch...both big projects for me to take on.
The garden is emerging from dormancy and as usual, I'm belatedly trying to decide what to plant and where to plant it! I should have already done this. I placed the seed order today and I'm sure I was overly ambitious.  Over the next week, I'll refine the plans and decide what I can realistically take on.

My 40 Bags in 40 days challenge has been a bit slower during busy days, but I expected that.  I have a lot of stuff set aside to purge, but just have to bag it up and take it away. 

Last Friday we were out of school again for flooding.  I spent the day cleaning house. I didn't have to spend a lot of time tidying before cleaning like I usually do.  I attribute this to the 40 bags challenge. 

I had some girl time with a friend over the weekend.  We visited a very neat bakery....

..... and a Restore Habitat store where these two stoves caught my eye.

Isn't this old cook stove absolutely gorgeous? 
 If it could talk, what stories would it tell?

This pink 1950's makes me smile!

I found a little table for the side porch, but forgot to take a picture. I'm picking it up next week. 
I love thrifty finds!!!

I got an email the other day telling me about a new simple living group that will be meeting at our local extension office in a few weeks.  I'm planning to attend and am looking forward to meeting new people.

This beautiful hyacinth blooms every spring right next to my back door. 
 It's the only one....I look forward to it with anticipation.  I wait just a few days to leave it outside and then bring it in...the whole kitchen smells like spring and all the good things to come.