Saturday, April 7, 2012

40 Bags in 40 Days

Lord Jesus, You are calling me to strip myself of all my self-seeking ways, and my inordinate attachment to wealth, fame and name.  Lord, make me understand that what really matters is not the possessions and positions I hold, but a life centered on You.

                                                                                                      taken from the Tenth Station....

Tuesday I finished filling my forty bags.  For the past forty days as I've spent precious time cleaning our home of unnecessary clutter, I've had a lot of mental time to reflect on how "things" have come to dominate our lives so much. 
I've been working on simplifying my life for several years, so as I filled that last bag, the sense of completion was lacking.  The fortieth bag wasn't the end. There are still large areas of our home that have gone untouched.  The difference between these forty bags and the previous simplifying I've done is the complete emptying of that which is not important. 

 Some bags were so easy to fill......others were hard. 
Letting go is matter what you are letting go. 
 This emptying opens up space for important things.

It has been a very good thing. 

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