Monday, August 27, 2012

Progress in the Garden!!!

Here's an exciting thing to see this late in the blooms on the white half runner green beans I planted in July.

Ben started the construction of my remaining garden bed frames on Saturday for me, then Bryce and Emily came home yesterday and helped me finish the rest.

It's still really warm here (93 degrees yesterday), and the mosquitoes make it nearly impossible to be outside for even five minutes, but we stuck to it and here is what we accomplished.

This is the garden view from the back of the garage.  The two beds in front that look weathered are my test beds to see if I really wanted to take on a project of this size.  I loved the ease of gardening in these raised beds. The beans are happily growing in one and the other has a few herbs that have weathered the drought and new seedlings of broccoli, cabbage and spinach.

Here is a view looking toward the back of the house.  It will take some specific measuring to place the beds in just the right spot.  I also still have to add the PVC supports for the covered wagon supports they will have to extend the growing seasons with garden fabric covers.

 You can see the beds are positioned where my previous garden of raised rows was located.  The ground is very uneven and will need to be leveled for the pathways.  The outdoor fireplace on the left is in a bit of disrepair.  I hope to restore it and make it a focal point in the garden design.  

I have a comprehensive yard plan that I expect it to take several years to implement. Later in the week I hope to post some planting plans for these wonderful beds.  I'm anticipating that it will take quite  awhile to fill this many beds with just the right amount of soil and compost.  We will start this project when the leaves start to fall.  (We have plenty of leaves!!!)

It was really important for me to get this hard structure part of planning completed in order to take advantage of the changing seasons.  We have a very long way to go on this journey toward producing most of the food we eat.  We do live right in town, but on our 1/2 an acre (about 1/3 of which we will use for gardening), I hope to plant a small orchard, keep bees, grown fruits and nuts, and one day even have a chicken coop! 

Thanks Emily, Bryce, and Ben for helping me so much this weekend!


  1. look at all that space!! i am super jealous! what an exciting project.

  2. also, what are the dimensions of your beds?

  3. There are six 4x4 beds that will primarily hold perenial flowers, strawberries and asparagus. There is one 4x12 bed in front of the fireplace that I plan to use for larger crops like okra, potatoes, squash and melons. There are six 4x8 beds that will be equipped with the cover mechanism for planting everything from broccoli to spinach to sunflowers. I hope it isn't too much space. What I like about it is that if I plan to scale back for the year (if we have a busy summer) I can just cover the bed to keep the weeds out, but still have what I can manage going. I think it will be much easier to manage than my traditional row garden. Thanks for commenting!