Monday, August 13, 2012

Summer Break is Over

I have had a wonderful summer.  I took a blogging break to enjoy this summer full of.....

Ben (looking soooo cool in his dad's old aviators!) attending the Governor's Scholar Program.

John's last day on the bench before retirement. 
He started his new job as a college professor this week.  This new level of less stress is a welcome thing!

Although we are both still teaching, retirement has us thinking about getting one of these in the future. 
It's still a few years away....but something to dream about.

Wiley's big brother Tucker came to live with us this summer. Now we have two yorkies running around. 
 They both seem happy and are really a lot of fun.

My nephew Adin spent a week with me while his parents moved...I had a wonderful time getting to know him better.  My neighbor graciously let us swim in their pool.
Being around young people certainly makes you feel young!

Sarah and Ben visiting with family.

 Mom and Sarah and Novel's horse, Cru.

Novel (Sarah's boyfriend)  in the show ring.  Of course, he was the best one there!
I'm completely unbiased ;)

And the big news of the summer...Emily and Bryce are engaged! 

It certainly is "A Wonderful Life"!!!

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