Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This Old House Update: Floors and Entry Hallway

It's been a while since I wrote about "This Old House". 
This summer I focused on some serious maintenance of the wood floors.  I scrubbed, stripped, and waxed them in the kitchen, dining room, and downstairs hallway.  Short of having the floor professionally refinished, this was the most thorough treatment I could have given them.  It took days, and when the weather got too warm, I had to stop because the wax fumes were just too much without opening the windows to let them escape.  During the process I carelessly stepped through the floor vent and found myself with one leg dangling in the basement!    Every time I think of how easily I could have broken multiple bones, I thank the Lord for my blessings. Instead of being in traction, I was able to get back to work after three days of icing my leg and catching up on some summer reading while I recuperated.

In the process, the hallway got a furniture and rug makeover.  I found these great rugs at Plow and Hearth.  I love these colors!

This cabinet was rescued from the basement and refurbished.  It's original use was in my father-in-law's legal office.  I claimed it when he retired, (no one else wanted it!) and we have used it for various purposes through the years.  It has been in the basement full of arts and crafts supplies since we moved here. We don't have the art/science projects like we used to have so I've been able to cull many of the supplies that we just don't need any more. Ben helped me bring it upstairs and I removed the worn out wheels (Ben's suggestion). Then I replaced the hardware, and touched up all the scuffs and scratches.

I love the new look of the hallway and so far we have been able to keep it this uncluttered for almost two months!

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