Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September Already!

For the first time in almost three weeks, I have the time to stop and write a blog post.  Here is a quick run down of how full my weeks have been:

*Minor surgery for Emily (long overdue and a blessing to finally complete).  She fell on her hip four years ago and we finally were able to get all the doctors and insurance companies on the same page.  She's on crutches for four weeks, but found out while she was recovering that she got a full time teaching job! Quite a thing to celebrate in this economy.  Wedding planning has been slow but is getting ready to go full force with her increased mobility. While Emily was laid up on the couch, her best friend from childhood came by to visit with her new baby girl.  It has been so wonderful to spend time with her. Dara, your visits brought so much joy to our home this week ......thank you so much for stopping by....don't be a stranger even if Emily isn't home :)

And the patient with a little bundle of joy....

*Saturday we purchased Sarah's long awaited vehicle.  She should graduate from college next December and will be off to graduate school.  The increased gas mileage is a welcome change! And in all the excitement....I didn't even get a good picture.

*Ben got back last week from a five day teen driving school sponsored by our state police.  He is now paired up with a trooper to work in our area of the state to help increase teen knowledge on the dangers of distracted driving.  He had a blast!  He got to try all of those things out that he could never do on our cars for fear of wrecking them.  He's a huge "Top Gear" fan, so this was a fantastic experience for him.  He now is in competition for scholarship money based on his activities in the community.

*John's classes at the University have started.  He loves teaching! He still has to put in quite a few hours learning the new technology of his online classes, but the job is such a blessing.  His stress level is down and we are all enjoying this blessed life.

I'd like to post a garden update this week, but frankly, there isn't one.  The only thing I've accomplished is measuring and arranging the garden beds into the right location.  John and I braved the mosquitoes to tackle this job.  This time of year, it's a real challenge to spend any time at all outside because of the swarms. The beds still have to be hammered into place (hopefully this weekend) and then I can start working on filling them little by little. After I was gone for Emily's surgery, I found out that all the little spinach seedlings I was watering were actually weeds.  They've been pulled and I plan on purchasing the plants I need to provide an all winter garden.  I expect to be picking a new harvest of white half runners at the end of next week as well.

Ben helped me reseed the front yard where our trees had to be taken out earlier in the summer.  The grass is coming in nicely, but nothing to really jump up and down about.  The weather has helped and we haven't had to water a lot.

The one thing I have finally accomplished is that I finished work on our homestead plan.  I'll save it for a Saturday garden post.  In the meantime, here's a little bit of progress on my part to eliminate more chemicals from our home.

I found time to order Mrs. Meyers soap.  I've been wanting to try the new bluebell scent, and I purchased the hand soap collection to test out my favorite fragrances. I'm not a fan of the rhubarb, but love the basil and parsley. They came in just in time for me to discover a slight leak under the kitchen sink.  I tightened the offending gasket, and this weekend plan on emptying the cabinet of everything unnecessary. I have to make room for all this soap! 
The best part about this week is that I'm settling into a better routine for the year in spite of the increased tornado of activity around me.  I've had lots of help from my family and that is making a huge difference.  That's it for tonight......I have lots of posts running around in my mind....I'm hoping to get them down before I forget them!

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