Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Crushed Ice

Growing up, we never had a refrigerator with an ice maker. We had two of these...

When the tray was empty, you filled it up and put it on the bottom.  Mom never had a chest freezer, so every bit of freezer space was used.  I don't even remember that we had a reserve tub of ice...

If we wanted crushed ice, we used one of these:

But in the summer, we would visit my grandparent's house in Louisiana.  Granny had an extra freezer in the garage and she had reserve ice in her freezer.  Her freezer was on the bottom which was much easier for little ones to reach.  She used metal ice cube trays and would dump them into the ice container.  Over time, the little pieces of ice would build up in the bottom of the ice container. Then we would arrive and all line up in the kitchen to pry them loose. I always looked forward to getting one of her juice glasses and scooping up the little pieces of crushed ice on the bottom of the container.  Pure joy!

I still love crushed ice.... it is a just one of those little things...

Now, I can make these little tiny ice cubes this kind of ice tray.....I picked these up at Lehman's in May. I really enjoy these too.

Just the other day, I moseyed into the kitchen and filled my glass with crushed ice out of the refrigerator door.  And while that is very nice, it struck me that what used to be a treat to look forward to is now an everyday occurrence. 

It seems to me that convenience has taken the anticipation right out of life. 

Anticipation is certainly under rated in our modern society.

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