Thursday, January 31, 2013

A Friend's Passing

John and I spent Monday evening at the hospital with our dear neighbor and friend.  Mr. B. didn't have any children and relied on those around him  to help him as he aged.  He didn't need much help and was adamant about doing everything himself.  At 94, he was active walking and managing his affairs. He passed quickly on Monday night.  The Lord was merciful in that he did not suffer long.

Mr. B was a man of honor. He served his country during World War II in both the European and Pacific theaters.  During the Korean Conflict, he answered the call again.  He served as a medic and I'm sure saw many, many, things that were difficult to forget from the shores of Normandy to the beaches of the Pacific.  He never spoke of his service and refused to be honored for it by our community.

When he returned home, he was our town's mail carrier.  He knew everyone and everyone knew him.  He flirted with the ladies and they flirted with him until he found the one true love of his life.  She passed away from cancer after thirty years of marriage.  She's been gone since 1986.
He missed her dearly and spoke of her often.

Until the last few years, he could out walk anyone.  He walked in all kinds of weather. Younger generations only know him as the man who walked so much. When he felt he couldn't drive safely any more, he stopped.  He took computer classes and kept up on current events. 
 He believed in doing the right thing, and always made sure that he did it.

Mr. B. was a very private person and few people could get close to help him. We feel honored that we were included in that very small circle.  Saturday we will lay him to rest.  We will miss him.

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