Saturday, February 2, 2013

Ice Tide

     I just recently learned that the "old timers" call the winter floods in this area "ice tides". The ground is saturated and we have already missed five days of school in 2013 because of flooding. Too many roads are blocked by high water to run the buses. It has been very wet and cold. Spring flooding will be much worse this year because of these conditions.

     These two pictures were taken from our city park. On the other side of the river you can see the flood wall that protects the town. The water started to recede as you can see the dark area with no snow. You can also see one of the benches John and I like to visit in the summer half way covered with water. The other bench we visit is under water.


Here is a picture of me standing on a rock in this same river in late summer. I would be twenty-five feet under water!
Quite a different picture!

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