Thursday, March 7, 2013


Flooding and slick roads have us out of school for two days. It's been the perfect opportunity to work on my forty bags. I tackled the kitchen yesterday. Deep cleaning inside and out is both tiring and refreshing. I didn't touch the kitchen last year so it was in dire need of organization.I moved many of the appliances I rarely use to the basement pantry and brought up the canned goods that I use frequently.  I also cleaned out the pots and pans, but didn't take any pictures.  I purged the remaining teflon since I haven't used it in several years.  Anything that didn't get used in the last year was put in the donation box.  Larger dishes that I only use on big family dinner occasions were taken to the basement pantry.

My total bag count to date is eighteen!  I still have a long way to go, but the second half of the kitchen, attic, basement, and garage should surely provide the remaining 22 bags! to clean the other half of the kitchen (including the oven....aghhh!)!

Look at all of those spices!!!! Many are much too old to be useful.

There's a ton of space here....just not being used properly.

An empty slate....bottom first, and then the top....

Much, much better.....ready for cooking!!!

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